Empowering Stories

Story for Change

When unheard voices share their stories, there is greater insight, understanding, and motivation towards social action for both tellers and their community of listeners.

I develop and facilitate customized storytelling workshops for change. Participants find and share the stories which break down barriers and build understanding across groups, cultures and communities. In telling and listening to each other’s personal stories, participants are encouraged to discover new insights and meaning within the stories they carry about themselves and each other. As they challenge their current meaning and expand their perspectives, participants are empowered to craft new and future stories that can better sustain them in their growing vision of who they choose to be.

Sandy and her group from City Mission Boston’s Lift Up Program participated in a 6 week long Public Voice storytelling workshop. You can enjoy listening to her graduation speech here. Many thanks to William Minter Productions for offering to capture our storytelling celebration on video.

Examples of Story Change work

  • Facilitated a Cancer Survivor Day for 100 patients at Roswell Park Cancer Center
  • Supported a Public Health equity initiative at U Mass Medical Center
  • Delivered Transformative Listening Workshops for faculty and students at Georgia Tech
  • Created Stand Up to Racism Workshop for employees at Mass General Hospital
  • Created ongoing Story Advocacy Training programs for homeless guests at Rosie’s Place and Women’s Lunch Place
  • Director of City Mission Boston’s Public Voice Project, providing story training workshops for returning citizens and women facing homelessness
  • Teach Healing through our Stories within Expressive Therapy Master’s Program at Lesley University

Storytelling Coaching for Performers


Having worked as a professional storyteller since 2000, I have spent years honing the skills of story development and delivery. With a specialty in personal stories, I meld a background in theatre, psychology, literature and public speaking to support clients in their own journey of discovering their stories, evolving their stories and delivering their stories to the delight and satisfaction of both themselves and their audiences.

Storytelling Performances

Storytelling performances and workshops can be customized for both adult audiences around themes appropriate to the size and focus of your group. See some clips from the storytelling sampler to experience what can happen!