What to Know Before you Tell

In this interview with William Arruda of Reach Personal Brand Consulting, Lani shares her expertise on how to maximize your storytelling effectiveness.

Leading With Story: Engaging People And Organizations

This audio from a webinar provided to the communications department of Eaton Corporation, provides an overview of storytelling as a tool for engagement, insight and change.

Healing through Our Stories

A teleconference exploring the healing power of stories delivered for members of the Healing Story Alliance.

Helping Prisoners Tell Their Stories

Enjoy listening to this radio interview with Dr. Anne Hallward, the host and founder of Safe Space Radio where Lani talks about her story work with the incarcerated.

Life Legacy Conversation with Purposeful Planning Institute

Through increasing awareness of the underlying stories that have shaped your values, influenced your behavior, and informed your actions, you can begin authoring the future stories that you would like to be told one day about you. Enjoy this interview with Lani and collaborator Susan Turnbull of Personal Legacy Advisors.