Persuasive Presentations

Speaking with Presence and Influence

Whether you are speaking to one or to hundreds, knowing how to create and deliver a message that engages and moves your audience to action is central. Effective speakers have the ability to connect and motivate their staff, articulate the current challenges and opportunities of the organization and imagine future initiatives that will inspire others to follow. Whether your goal is to establish leadership presence, articulate a vision, initiate a change, or sell an idea, story is the catalyst. Drawing on my training as a psychologist and background as a storyteller, I have worked extensively with individuals, teams and organizations using story as a tool and storytelling as a process to lead participants towards authentic connection, deep insight, clear message and sustaining change.

Pitching Science through Story: Bringing data alive through the story it tells.

When the goal of a presentation is to inspire others towards commitment of time, resources or money, scientists need to ensure that their message has the intended impact. The data is not the message. It takes translating the data into a story that leads others to connection, insight and ultimately action. The progression from “what” to “so what” is at the heart of the pitch, and the vision story of the potential of the data to impact the longevity or quality of life is at the heart of the story. Through integrating story techniques, I work with individuals or groups to transform their data into a story that not only engages audiences of all levels but inspires while it informs.

Particular focus is on:

  • Applying story structure
  • Translating data into story format
  • Developing the most important message
  • Matching message to audience
  • Creating an elevator speech
  • Delivering the story for maximum influence and inspiration