Story can be a change agent to develop insight and connection, becoming a platform for individuals, teams, or organizations to move forward from a stronger, more self-aware and intentional place. As an award-winning storyteller, speaker and workshop leader, I strive to bring audiences to a profound understanding of what story is, why it is important, and how to use it intentionally to impact companies and change people’s lives.

Each keynote topic vividly comes alive with multiple illustrations of “story in action”.

Topics for Keynotes include:

Leading with Story: Maximizing Your Presence and Influence
Effective leaders have the ability to engage and motivate their staff, can articulate the current challenges and opportunities of the organization and are already imagining future initiatives that will inspire others to follow. Whether your goal is to establish leadership presence, articulate a vision, initiate a change, story is the catalyst. Here’s why and how.

The Inside Story: What to Know Before You Tell
Exploring your story roots to gain insight into what motivates, sustains, challenges and inspires you; then knowing which parts to tell to reach the right people at the right time for the right reason.

From Thin to Thick: Changing the Inside Story
Brain science informs us of story’s role in categorizing, making meaning and judging all experiences that come our way. When that process leads you to be triggered, stuck or paralyzed, story can be the key to get you moving forward again.

The Self-Aware Leader: Developing Emotional Intelligence through Story
Emotional intelligence is recognized as an essential leadership skill, but its translation into action often requires an interpreter or guide. Whether your role is as co-worker, manager, colleague or spouse, this story-filled overview of E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) will help put theory into action.

Your Internal Board of Directors:
Whose voices (and stories) do you carry within and how do they influence your thoughts and actions? How can you shift your internal board of advisors to maximize your strengths, give yourself support, and motivate you towards where you want to go?

From Re-Membering to Renewal: Harnessing the Healing Power of Story
Some of our defining stories are sustaining narratives, providing the perspective, clarity and courage to carry us where we want to go; others become constraining stories, filled with messages that keep us paralyzed, anxious, or self-limited. Understand what leads a story to become constraining and how to shift it towards a story that sustains, motivates, and empowers.

Your Enduring Legacy
Through increasing awareness of the underlying stories that have shaped your values, influenced your behavior, and informed your actions, you can begin authoring the future stories that you would like to be told one day about you.

Story as a Tool for Social Change
Finding and sharing the stories which break down barriers and build understanding across groups, cultures and communities.

Story as a Pathway to the Soul:
For ministers and religious educators, how to understand, evolve and deliver the guiding stories that emanate from our rich traditions, bridging our understanding of both who we are and who we can be.