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Why Something You Loved as a Child is Your Key to Success Today

Forbes Online   3/12/2015 @ 8:56AM 5,808 views

William Aruda – Why something you loved as a child is your key to success today

William Arruda Contributor; I write about personal branding.

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Remember how riveted you were when your mother or father read you a bedtime story? Remember how much you looked forward to it?

Well, stories are powerful – and not just to five-year-olds.

We hear a lot about storytelling these days. Companies are hiring storytelling experts to help them engage customers. Leaders are bolstering their storytelling skills to engage their teams. Career-minded professionals are seeking out the ideal formula for building and delivering a powerful story. Yet effective storytelling requires a lot more than plugging content into a formula.

To truly understand the power of story and all its business applications, I reached out to one of the world’s leading experts in story, Lani Peterson.

Lani has been working in the field for two decades and brings her expertise as a psychologist to her story work with Fortune 100 companies, the homeless, prisoners, doctors, architects – the list goes surprisingly on. And although her work is vast and varied, her approach can yield solutions to many of the challenges facing individuals and companies today.

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Tom’s Story

Tom was my teacher.

Just a few years older than me, Tom had developed tremendous skill and deftness in his craft. He had a gentle way of communicating his skills that allowed one to get glimmers of the tremendous passion he held for his creating. I became increasingly fascinated with the positive energy that this teacher exuded, and his commitment to share his passion with others. How did he come to be who he now is? I asked Tom to tell me his story.

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Indira’s Story

Just a few years back I was invited by a PTO to speak to parents at a local grammar school on the topic of raising children with strong self-esteem. As the topic is somewhat amorphous, I was curious to see how many moms and dads would be motivated to come out on a snowy evening to indulge in a discussion on self-esteem. By the time my lecture began, there were more than three hundred people in the auditorium.

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A Healing Story About A Healing Story

Last summer I attended a conference on life coaching and was surprised when the presenter adamantly stated that the coaching process is not about healing. When I queried what the focus of coaching might be, she responded that it’s goals are to work with a client around personal growth, increased perspective, new skills to facilitate change and increased confidence and competence to handle one’s personal challenges. Then what is healing, I asked?

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